Welcome to Oxford Geoengineering

Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to address climate change.


This organisation seeks to facilitate the attainment and distribution of knowledge about geoengineering to scientists, governments, NGOs, corporate entities and the wider public. It is not advocating geoengineering, but rather seeking to carefully research all the implications of geoengineering approaches so as to assess their potential and the risks they carry.


If, in the near future the international community has failed to reduce emissions and urgent action is needed to prevent catastrophic climate change then we may have to resort to geoengineering techniques. It is the ambition of the institute to have thoroughly investigated all potential geoengineering options so as to be able to advise politicians and society which, if any, techniques are the most appropriate to employ.


The overriding objectives are:

  • to ensure that, should it be necessary to consider resorting to the use of geoengineering techniques, it is possible to determine which, if any, techniques will be effective in addressing the issues of climate change without producing countervailing environmental impacts;
  • that it is possible to deploy such techniques in a timely and efficient manner.


This organisation aims to achieve its mission by:

  • Stimulating and promoting research into geoengineering across a range of disciplines, addressing not only the technical aspects, but also the social aspects, including ethical, legal, governance, economic, political and public-policy considerations;
  • Encouraging knowledge transfer between different research institutions and between different disciplines;
  • Providing a forum for discussion about geoengineering, and ensuring the effective dissemination of objective information, analysis and understanding of the science and technology surrounding the proposed techniques;
  • Creating an objective framework to evaluate the technological and economic viability of proposed techniques and ensuring that comprehensive risk assessments are conducted;
  • Initiating and promoting research into viable technologies and techniques;
  • Informing policy decision-making;
  • Encouraging development of funding streams for geoengineering research from diverse sources including governmental, charitable, and industrial;
  • Stimulating market-led investments and developments;

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